Construction Engineers - General Contracting and Tilt-Up Specialists.
Serving North Dakota, South Dakota, and NW Minnesota since 1978,
Construction Engineers’ 90 employees generate annual revenues of $20 million.

What problem(s) were you struggling with prior to CODE?
The marketing and business development plan for our company was dependent upon the two owners, and relied on the information they were able to gather from the media, friends, and business relationships. It was always difficult to find the time to meet new clients and do follow up when we were also managing the company and construction projects.

How did CODE help you solve the issue(s)?
We decided that we needed to hire someone to help us do the marketing. We did not have a marketing plan or strategy in place for this new employee. Upon hearing about CODE we decided that this is what we needed. We wanted our Marketing Director to have a structured plan to follow to efficiently use his time.

CODE allowed us to get our marketing program off to a running start in a short period of time. CODE gave us a concise and well thought out process for greeting, qualifying prospects, and follow up. We now have a full time marketing director and a great plan for him to follow with established benchmarks and ready to use worksheets, guides, transcripts, agendas, and reports.

What type of results have you seen since using CODE?
Our marketing director has been successful in obtaining many new leads that we normally would be unaware of. He continually brings in new prospects weekly and is able to organize each prospect and strategically plan our communication processes, to effectively utilize our resources.

Since the CODE training, how has your approach to Sales & Marketing changed?
We have taken a better look at each and every prospect and analyzed the situation to our best advantage. Our old approach used to be to give them a price and then walk away until the client called you back. Our approach now is to qualify the prospect to find out if they are real. Only after the client has been fully qualified according to the CODE criteria, will we then develop a price and proposal.

Why should construction companies consider using CODE?
Construction companies should assess their present marketing programs and look at their weaknesses. How many proposals are you making and how many did you close? If you are not getting one out of every three or four proposals, you are working for the wrong client. CODE gives us the tools to qualify our customers and target the right market without doing an inordinate amount of estimating.

How has CODE changed your approach to sales and marketing? How has it changed your people?
CODE has instructed us to be better at dealing with clients and listening to what is important to them. We do not present our credentials or pricing until we have a better understanding of the client and what is important to them. CODE has a Worksheet that we use to show the client what is important and how we can be a valuable contributor to his construction and planning team.

How does CODE differ from other approaches to Sales and Marketing specific to your industry?
CODE is a fully developed manuscript with detailed methods and systems. It is a comprehensive program with workbooks and on-site training that is unmatched by any other Sales and Marketing Programs that I have ever seen. We are excited to have received the CODE Marketing and Sales training and are excited for the future and the potential benefit that we are generating through CODE.