When your company makes the decision to partner with CODE your will receive an invaluable program, proven to generate results. Because CODE is a unique process, the tools and training involved are extensive.

Licensed use of five CODE manuals, customized specifically for your firm.

Chapter One: Lead Generation- Providing explicit instructions for how to effectively prospect, using specific prospecting transcripts, profile worksheets and benchmarks for time use, documentation and reporting. A custom segmentation of target markets and resources appropriate to your firm directs all prospecting activities associated with the Marketing Action Plan (MAP℠) for lead generation.

Chapter Two: Lead Qualification- Reviewing critical questions necessary to determine the legitimacy and qualification of the lead. It follows a process to achieve appointments, focusing on agendas appropriate to managing the expectations and experience level associated with the lead. In this session there is a specific process of mutual disclosure, intent, and an education component appropriate to prime the lead for a commitment to the Sales Process.

Chapter Three
: Sales Process & Proposal Development- Utilizing specific tools designed to assist in the actual execution of the sales presentation. This chapter features tools to assist with proprietary disclosure of information associated with your construction solution, and assists with the internal strategy development and communications necessary for focused presentation execution.

Chapter Four: Post-Sales Presentation Follow Through- Okay, what really happened? Did your team match it’s own performance expectations? Did they truly understand the key factors that would direct the prospects decision? From the point of first contact, did they earn the right to manage the investment? Did they see where the competition was coming from? If these questions are too familiar then the post sales process is critical to cut the learning curve and change performance.

On-site training, with interactive role-playing in a group-learning environment. Training will be conducted by a skilled representative of CODE.

During a day and a half training, provided in a private learning environment, your team is taken through a very dynamic and interactive session designed to help them commit to a new way of looking at opportunities and prospecting. Each day session includes role-playing, group discussion, and facilitated testing in a supportive environment that encourages disclosure and team building.

Retention testing for each training module.

In an environment that supports adult learning, it is important to test retention of key concepts. At the conclusion of each learning module, there is a comprehensive “test” to review terms and processes key to execution. Patterned after some of the top adult learning programs in the country, this process when presented in a friendly environment of peer review provides positive and constructive feedback appropriate to true learning and skill development.

Development of a customized Marketing Action Plan, (MAP℠) unique to your firm.

Every company has assets and experiences that are unique to their situation. In recognizing this, CODE provides the blueprint of a specific marketing and sales plan appropriate to your firms’ expertise, existing strategic partners and core customer base. The plan covers segmentation of existing customer data, and alignment of marketing activities appropriate to identifying “low hanging” fruit for sales efforts.

Also, the plan outlines short-term (3 month activity priorities) and long-term business objectives (through 12 months), so that there are no questions as to both short-term and long-term key marketing and sales initiatives.

Advertising, promotions and branding.

You can harness the power of new and highly cost effective media options.
How does a construction company advertise to prospects? Where’s the best return on your money? How do you drive “relationship building” communications into your physical work sites?

We have developed an extraordinary answer and it’s in the CODE. Available to you is a suite of the most advanced and tested communication tools available today to the industry. After national testing in multiple markets, we are confident you’ll see results.

Six months of ongoing consulting support and personalized coaching.

All the planning in the world makes no difference if implementation doesn’t happen in a timely manner that achieves organizational “buy in”. CODE realizes that to achieve real, sustainable change each team member not only needs to feel support, but also has to have access to a resource that can provide it. That’s why the weekly consulting and coaching component is an important aspect to consider. Research has shown that the companies that perform best with CODE readily accept and embrace the coaching as a lifeline to guide their efforts. Each week a CODE coach monitors the progress of the group, while also being available for personal CEO or executive team advisement.

Execution of CODE is best achieved in an environment of strong communication, leadership and accountability. We realize that it’s a rare firm that naturally has this environment throughout the organization. That’s why we commit to help you and your team achieve true change. Change that is acknowledged, supported, and ultimately applauded by those that will benefit most - the employees who look toward a stable and predictable work experience. Those who want to succeed and know that the long term success of the company is dependent upon their day to day choices.

•Each week CODE will monitor prospecting and lead generation activities.

•We identify communications necessary to help "close deals."

•We encourage an environment of continual learning and team accountability.


On average CODE training costs $20,000-$30,000 -depending on the metro market.

Depending on the size of the sales team, weekly consulting support is provided for a monthly fee of $1,500 - $2,000. Once trained we require a minimum, six-month consulting contract. Terms for holding a CODE training date include a non-refundable deposit of $7,500 that is applied to the costs of manual customization. Once the deposit is received, a short e-survey is delivered to the point-of-contact so that information required for CODE customization is collected.

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