What does CODE stand for?
CODE is an acronym, with each letter representing a part of the process. When each component is combined into the CODE process, a dramatic impact will be made on your business practices.

Communication -keys to establishing relationships, internally and with prospects.
Organization - a structured approach to better manage all resources.
Documentation - the means to generate a detailed account of your progress.
- the capability to accurately assess your performance.

How long does CODE training take?
One and a half days—and a book soon to be published will be provided in advance of the session to accelerate the learning curve and provide pre-exposure to the concepts.

Who should attend CODE training?
It’s simple...Often, since the training is open to unlimited trainees- our clients include as many people organizationally that need to understand the new approach to the sales and marketing process (which can include administrative, project managers, estimators, executive management). Also, many of our clients ask for a twenty minute overview session to be provided for Superintendents, so that they are aware of the program and can support the efforts.

What types of companies should consider CODE training?

Any general construction company that wants to get serious about the next phase of revenue growth. It has been found that companies that generally respond well to the CODE training:
• Have recognized “pain” associated with their current sales and marketing processes
• Have experienced a plateau with regards to growth, but desire to expand
• Have had high growth, and want a method to sustain it
• Need a way to position the firm with architects, realtors and developers- but have not found a best approach

What types of technology does CODE require?

CODE is a process that is enhanced with basic desktop technologies, such as access to the internet and basic computer programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access or Outlook for example). Although not dependent on any technology systems, CODE can easily integrate with any existing customer database management system, such as:
• ACT!
• Outlook
• Goldmine
• Microsoft Access or Excel

What are the deliverables associated with CODE training?
• Licensed use of five CODE manuals, customized specifically for your firm.
• One and a half days interactive training, with interactive role-playing in a group learning environment.
• Retention testing for each training module.
• Development of a customized master metro prospecting plan, unique to your firm

See complete list of Costs and Components.

CODE requires that a firm also sign up for six months of weekly consulting support, why?
It’s simple. CODE is the perfect approach to generating a phenomenal amount of qualified leads. However, the true goal with CODE is ongoing management and conversion of these leads to core customers. CODE can deliver outstanding prospecting results, but much like weight loss, must be a long-term commitment for sustained success. Research on pilot companies using CODE strongly suggests that the degree of success with the CODE program is directly correlated with the commitment to consulting support during the implementation phase (which typically lasts a minimum of 3 months). Since the goal of CODE is to create results based on a change associated with organizational behavior, constant support is required for the first six months.

Under the six month consulting agreement, what happens?

Weekly phone conferences cover progress and provide coaching to address issues associated with implementation. Typically, the phone meetings last sixty to ninety minutes. These sessions encourage the team to celebrate successes and enhance performance through continual professional evaluation, feedback and coaching. Weekly meetings assist with implementation and troubleshooting.

We’ve tried new sales and marketing tools, why will this work?
CODE was developed from the input of other construction companies. Companies just like yours, struggling with similar issues. An industry peer group consisting of fourteen general contracting companies then reviewed it for best practice, and found that the elements of CODE incorporated all best techniques utilized within the group.

So where did CODE come from?
Originally, CODE was developed through the study of a highly successful construction firm… one that had simply experienced a plateau in growth. Needing a solution and an exit strategy, CODE was developed as a response to help them scale their sales and marketing systems. Within one year, it effectively doubled their revenue. Now after further testing, the program is available to the industry and is based on best practice. It has been tested in multiple national test markets and has shown to be appropriate for all types of companies ranging in revenue from $15MM to $250MM and up.

How much does CODE training and consulting cost?

On average, and depending on your metro market – CODE training costs $20,000 - $30,000. Weekly consulting support is provided for a monthly fee of $1,000 - $2,000 and requires a minimum of a six-month contract. Terms for holding a CODE training date include a non-refundable deposit of $7,500 that is applied to the costs of manual customization. Once the deposit is received, a short survey is delivered to the point of contact so that information required for CODE customization is collected.

See complete list of costs and components.

Is CODE only limited to general construction companies?
No. Anyone in the A/E/C industry can benefit. CODE is not only limited to general construction. It will also deliver prospects appropriate to small projects and development partners, should your company have multiple divisions requiring a central lead development process.

How long will it take to schedule CODE training?

A limited number of monthly timeslots are available for CODE training. To schedule, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can accommodate your team's timeframe.