Let’s be honest, your sales could be better. Everyone’s could. You may be doing fine, even good. But you’ve plateaued. You can’t seem to break the barrier. Your sales team is in need of some new life.You need a marketing plan. CODE can help.

CODE is a proven marketing and sales process created with a simple goal in mind – make an impact on business practices to get rapid and sustainable results. Results that not only increase sales but also organize people, manage expectations, track progress and drive accountability.

Results that truly change your company, unlocking it’s vast potential.

"Elizabeth Allen has struck the impossible chord. She’s hit upon a resonant response to a universal problem in all companies: how to standardize the unstandardizable. She’s discovered how to turnkey the seemingly too sophisticated process through which any company can with great predictability identify its most important prospects, convert them into champions, and deliver its promise to them with certainty and conviction no matter who in the company is accountable for the process. Provided, of course that they, the ones accountable, have learned, internalized, integrated and implemented in their practice what Elizabeth calls so resolutely, and I might say, religiously, "The CODE."

         Michael E. Gerber, Author of "The E–Myth"

We have found that the biggest competition, the greatest adversary to the CODE process is simply an unwillingness to change. Inactivity. Companies that won’t admit they have a problem and are willing to sit by while their business remains status quo.

Sure, there are other sales and marketing tools. And perhaps they can help on some level. But they will not change the attitude of your people and business practices. Only CODE will do that.

You can make changes that will impact your company. Profoundly.
You can grow. You can push past what you thought was the peak and get to the next level. You truly can.

It’s in the CODE.

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