Meyer Brothers Building Company - General Contracting and Development.
Serving Kansas City since 1977, Meyer Brothers’ 85 employees generate
annual revenues of $30 million.

What problem(s) were you struggling with prior to CODE?

Prior to CODE we were operating our sales and prospecting without a process. We had very loose communications and made only verbal comparisons and goals.

How did CODE help you solve the issue(s)?
Our biggest hurdle was how to grow our company in and organized and manageable manner. If we had no sales and marketing processes and objectives, we simply could not grow our company to the size or in the manner consistent with our desires. CODE has helped us establish a process to harness all sales and marketing activities into an organized set of activities, allowing a set of measurements by which we all can be held accountable.

What type of results have you seen since using CODE?
In 2004, we achieved a 100% rate of sales growth from our 2003 basis, with a 230% growth in profits. Our projected growth rate for 2005 calls for an additional 70% growth in top and bottom line revenues.

Since the CODE training, how has your approach to Sales & Marketing changed?
We have grown our sales staff by 3 people. We have a process by which we prioritize our marketplace, break it down into a manageable size and assign goals to each salesperson.

Why should construction companies consider using CODE?
It may not be necessary if your company is a one-person sales department and you want to keep it that way. However, if you should want to grow the company beyond this and keep a handle on your objectives and growth rate, we have found CODE to be an extremely valuable asset in growing the company.

How has CODE changed your approach to sales and marketing?
How has it changed your people?

Our sales and marketing now has a manageable process by which we can all be held accountable. As evidenced by our last two years numbers, it has helped us tremendously in achieving our organized growth objectives.