Neilsen Builders Inc. – Commercial Construction.
Serving Virginia for over 75 years, Nielsen’s 225 employees generate annual
revenues of $60-70 million.

What problem(s) were you struggling with prior to CODE?
We were wasting time on unqualified leads. We were finding out about projects too late in the process. We needed to get ahead of the competition and find projects much earlier in the process.

How did CODE help you solve the issue(s)?
CODE greatly helped to organize and structure our system. We were doing some of the right things but not consistently. The structure of the system allows for a more consistent and systematic approach to the process of developing and closing deals.

Since the CODE training, how has your approach to Sales & Marketing changed?
We have much more of a sales mentality now than we did before CODE training.

Why should construction companies consider using CODE?
In my opinion the people who are purchasing construction services today are responding to the methods that are part of the CODE process. These same people also respond to the marketing tools such as banners in a more positive way than the buyers of the past.

How has CODE changed your approach to sales and marketing?
How has it changed your people?

Yes, it’s changed us. Everyone has more of a sales focus. We have had good response to a limited marketing program and our planning to step up our efforts in the future.