An Exit Strategy-
Sleep at night knowing it all doesn’t come down to you and your relationships.

A Best Practice Solution- Best practice solutions in the area of marketing and sales, specific to the General Construction Industry are available through CODE.

Easy Integration- CODE isn’t technology dependant so it can be implemented utilizing your existing systems.

Strengthened Corporate Culture- CODE capitalizes on a better sales and prospecting process. One that drives an atmosphere of accountability through proven procedures that are simple to follow, and appeal to people intuitively.

Junior Level Talent Training- CODE provides a solution for the hire and training of new, junior level talent. Many companies have tried to hire junior level sales people, and have failed. With CODE you can take a $24-30K employee and have them producing $1-8 MM in potential project revenue within the first 12 months.

In one case alone CODE enabled a new hire to put $6.25 MM in the potential project pipeline within the first 3 months of prospecting activity.

Streamline Executive Team Performance- Even without a new hire, the system can be applied to the existing team to strengthen performance and results.

Absolute Return On Investment- CODE demonstrates phenomenal returns on your investment. With the conversion of a single project, your return on investment is achieved. For many firms, CODE will change the way in which you permanently view prospecting activity as each effort is able to be easily tracked, from first point of contact to customer conversion.