Tired? CODE Offers Relief

As important as it is to get prospects in the pipeline, it’s equally important to get deals out of the pipeline that aren’t truly qualified.

When CODE was being developed, it was discovered that very frequently the Operations Director or Estimating Department would voice concern that the last thing they needed was more prospects. They already felt overextended.

By utilizing the qualification component associated with CODE, companies are able to actually pull pending deals out of the pipeline that were ultimately heading nowhere, yet were concerning to Operations.

This is extreme headache relief. Instead of maintaining a pace assuming every deal will hit and requires a detailed “bid or estimate”, CODE allows a company to say with confidence which deals are far more likely than others to materialize – and thus select which opportunities are best to actually estimate.

Progress Reporting- Weekly updates on the pending status of sales proposals and estimates, so there are no “surprises.”

Profitability- What types of projects should be the priority? Hard bids or negotiated work? CODE provides a clear picture so that your company can be selective and focus the use of valuable internal estimating resources.

Participation- Where do great leads come from? Try your own people. CODE lays out a process for the entire company to submit leads in a methodical way so that no lead is overlooked – and all leads are followed up on.

Win & Loss Feedback- CODE uses customer feedback to help your team learn from its mistakes and provides detailed de-brief s so that costly lessons don’t repeat.