CODE delivers a method that is consistent, predictable and trainable.

It’s based on real world, best practice for the Construction Industry.

Is no- nonsense. CODE is easy to understand and follow.

Provides a library of turnkey, marketing sales tools that guarantee results. Extensive use of the tools through national testing has demonstrated the success of the CODE approach to marketing.

Drives team accountability- For everyone on the business development team, understanding and managing expectations both internally (for the team) and externally (for the prospect) is critical. The core philosophy that supports CODE is that no one comes to work, and wants to fail. People want to succeed and CODE teaches them a step-by-step method to do so.

CODE leads the team in such a way as to nurture the development of key selling and relationship management skills while at the same time maximizing performance.

Works from the top down in the organization- From the CEO to the business development team, everyone benefits with CODE and understands the objectives.

CODE provides everyone with explicit processes and well-defined, achievable new business acquisition goals. Progress is tracked weekly and skills are measured for constant improvement so within 6 months, the program can run independent of consulting support.