CODE was born of a need to implement real change that would truly build business from the inside. Not simply from a marketing standpoint. Not only on an organizational level. But from a larger, full scope, business practices point of view.

You can provide people explicit instructions, and yet without support and coaching, even the best plans fail. CODE recognizes that companies, and thier "associated processes" are really people. And people not only need process, they need support to achieve a sustainable change.

CODE was created as a solution to address the many issues facing CEO’s and their companies. It is a key to unlock the enormous potential that exists in so many organizations and was designed to translate your relationship management skills to even the most junior level person.

•To provide the ability for companies to:

• Generate profitable relationships with qualified, new prospects
• Focus prospecting efforts on target rich areas, specific to your firms building expertise, such as governmental, retail, long-term care, schools or churches
• Lead prospects through a process of mutual respect building and disclosure
• Monitor performance through actual sales proposal generation and post presentation
• Review post-sales activity to evaluate team performance for continual improvement
• Nourish core customer, supplier and business partnership relationships for sustained long term goodwill and referral opportunities.
•Give business development teams the tools and training they need to be effective

No one wants to come to work and fail. Yet often the business teams experience extreme frustration due to a lack of measurable results. CODE provides everyone on the team with the game plan and playbook so that they can be effective, and be acknowledged for their contributions.

•To solve the problem once and for all of “who’s going to follow up on that?”

Most businesses have reached a level of growth because they’ve done something successful in the area of sales. To reach the next level of growth though, chances are - you’ll need to do something different. CODE will provide your team with what it needs to break through the barriers and maximize all available resources to achieve the next level of revenue growth.

•To provide a marketing plan that finally makes sense.

Your company will spend its budget on marketing. The key question is, "Will it provide to you absolute return on investment?"

Many times a company cannot say with certainty that the existing plan will provide return on investment. So, where will you invest this year to find qualified new prospects? Where will you advertise? What is the best use of costly internal resources? CODE will provide the plan, the tools, and the coaching that you need to best utilize every asset you have without costly new expenses.