It is a proven method to generate new and profitable relationships. CODE gets to the prospect early enough in the sales process to create value in the relationship, so that contractors aren’t the last invited to the table and asked “only for price.” Often, by the time a prospect knows they are a prospect, everyone else does too, and the opportunity has become too competitive.

Creates opportunity to sell Design Build- CODE creates an environment from the earliest point of prospect contact that supports the sell of value added services, such as pre-construction management services and design build.

Differentiates your firm from the pack- Not all contractors are the same, yet one company is often shopped against another based on price. A great sales process will sustain an environment in which it is possible to effectively differentiate your company and its unique brand from everyone else.

It aggressively positions you against the competition and ahead of economic cycles- Tired of lost jobs? Tired of the cyclical nature of the construction market? Tired of depending on architects? This process is designed to even out the cycles so that you can have an absolutely predictable pipeline of new project opportunities.

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